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With produce and technology, we also provide high-quality production technology and sincere service guarantee for our strength, design and standardization.

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About Yisheng

Yisheng package is the professional enterprise in food packaging area, including design, producing and sales. Especially for paper cup, popcorn bucket, paper box and such kinds of food grade packing.

The company has enclosed producing department, air purification system, and passed the QS and SGS certification. To keep away from pest, Yisheng cooperated with professional prevention and treatment firm too.

Yisheng package has top- notch automatic aseptic packing and producing line, and the advanced equipment in China including print, die cutting, glazing and infrared inspection paper cup machine etc.

Our target is “Love the earth with environmental protection”. Yisheng package care the environment and health, we would like to provide the best service for our customers with comprehensive solution in food packing.

Development VisionOur MissionValue

Dedicated to the development and growth of our own, to the limits of our existence to the limit.

With the mission of “Environmental Love for the Earth”, we will tailor the packaging that suits you best!

Customer achievement, integrity-based, open Innovation. 



Our qualifications

SGS Swiss General Notary, CMA China Measurement Certification, Quality Supervision and Inspection Agency Certification, QS Quality Safety Certification

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Company address: No. 1, No. 218, Yun Si Road, Dayun Town, Jiashan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang.


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